Thank you for making SB3C2021 a success!

We had 1,045 attendees and a great virtual program!

We look forward to seeing you at the next SB3C conference at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Resort, Eastern Shore, Maryland!

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Student Paper Competition Results

BS Level:

Title Name Affiliation
1st Knee Contact Forces In Transtibial Amputees: Implications For Rehabilitation and Lifelong Fitness Exercises Reymil Fernandez California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo
Runner-up Raman Needle Arthroscopy Towards In Vivo Monitoring of Enginnered Cartilage Growth Juncheng Zhang Boston University
Runner-up The Synoviocyte Response To Physiologic Shear Under Culture Conditions Simulating Diabetic Insulin Resistance and Osteoarthritis Joint Inflammation Neeraj Sakhrani Columbia University
Soft Tissues
1st “Carbon Nano-Onion-Mediated Dual Targeting of P-Selectin and P-Glycoprotein To Overcome Cancer Drug Resistance” Yutong Liang University of Maryland, College Park
Runner-up “Parametric Patient-Specific Model Simulating Human Cervix Deformation During The First Stage of Labor” Arielle Feder Columbia University
Runner-up “In Silico Modeling of Embolic Particle Drug Delivery For Liver Cancer” Autumn Zemlicka U. Colorado Boulder
1st “Layer-Specific Mechanical and Collagen Microstructural Characterizations of Tricuspid Valve Leaflets” Katherine Casey University of Oklahoma
Runner-up “Quantification of The Flexural Rigidity of Peripheral Arterial Endovascular Catheter and Sheaths” Chase Hartquist Chase Hartquist
Runner-up “Computational Modeling of Arterial Hemodynamics In Pediatric Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension” Nathan Li University of Michigan

MS Level:

Title Name Affiliation
Orthopaedics, Fibrous Soft Tissues, and Design
1st  (Tie) “Size-Dependent Solute Diffusivity In Synovial Explants Parallels Solute Transport Following Intra-Articular Delivery In Vivo” Alexandra Davis Washington University in St Louis
1st (Tie) “Characterizing and Modeling Adolescent Pectus Excavatum Anatomy to Inform Surgical Planning and Device Design” Delanie Lynch Wake Forest School of Medicine
Runner-up “A Viscodamage Model To Simulate Both Fatigue And Static Failures In Soft Fibrous Tissue” Bradley Henderson Boise State University
Heart, Lung, Cell and Tissue Biomechanics, and Biosensors
1st “Assessing The Hemodynamic Influence Of Pulse Flow Modulation For Left Ventricular Assist Devices” Akshita Sahni University of Colorado Boulder
Runner-up “Maximum Ventricular Wall Loading Coincides With Periventricular White Matter Hyperintensity Locations” Valery Visser Eindhoven University of Technology / Stevens Institute of Technology
Runner-up “Live-cell, dynamic imaging of matrix assembly in an in vitro model of human corneal development” Alexandra Silverman Northeastern University

PhD Level:

Title Name Affiliation
Session 1: Biotransport, Biosensors, and Biomaterials
1st “Conductive Polypyrrole-Encapsulated Silk Fibroin Fibers for Myocardial Regeneration” Yeshi Liang National University of Singapore
Runner-up “Fibrous Microenvironments Regulate Nuclear Shape In A Diameter-dependent Manner” Aniket Jana Virginia Tech
Runner-up “Sophorolipids Demonstrate Promising Anti-Cancer Efficacy in 2D, 2.5D, and 3D Breast Cancer Models” Cassandra Roberge Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Runner-up “DIAMOND: Digital Plasmonic-Nanobubble Detection For Homogeneous Assay With Enhanced Sensitivity” Yaning Liu University of Texas at Dallas
Session 2: Bladder, Lung, and Ocular Biomechanics
1st “Integrating Capillary Flow Modeling And Geometric Quantification Into Reconstructed 3D Capillary Networks Of The Optic Nerve Head” Po-Yi Lee University of Pittsburgh
Runner-up “Deformation Of Peripapillary Sclera And Retina In Response To Elevated Intraocular Pressure” Sunny Kwok Ohio State University
Runner-up “Assessing The Comparative Strains Between Positive And Negative Pressure Ventilation Using Digital Image Correlation” Crystal Mariano University of California Riverside
Session 3: Bone and Head Injury Biomechanics
1st “Investigation Of The Hindbrain Motion In Chiari Malformation I Patients Through 3D Amplified MRI” Javid Abderezaei Stevens Institute of Technology
Runner-up “Maternal Bone Adaptation to Mechanical Loading during Pregnancy, Lactation, and Post-Weaning Recovery” Yihan Li University of Pennsylvania
Runner-up “Skeletal Response To Varied Models Of Metabolic Acidosis” Mikayla Moody University of Connecticut Health Center
Session 4: Soft Tissue Biomechanics
1st (tie) “Novel Multiscale Structure-based Model Of The Bovine Caudal Disc Motion Segment” Minhao Zhou University of California Berkeley
1st (tie) “Mechanical Response Of Mouse Cervices Lacking Decorin And Biglycan During Pregnancy” Nicole Lee Columbia University
Runner-up “A High-fidelity 3D Micromechanical Model of Ventricular Myocardium” David Li University of Texas at Austin
Session 5: Cardiovascular Fluid Biomechanics
1st (tie) “Spectral Bandedness in High Fidelity CFD Predicts Rupture Status in Intracranial Bifurcation Aneurysms” Daniel MacDonald University of Toronto
1st (tie) “A Deep-Learning Approach For Direct Whole-Heart Mesh Reconstruction” Fanwei Kong University of California Berkeley
Runner-up “Unraveling the Etiology of Discrete Subaortic Stenosis: Focus on Hemodynamics” Jason Shar Wright State University
Session 6: Mechanobiology and Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering
1st “Mechano-Regulation of Embryonic Meniscus Development” Tonia Tsinman University of Pennsylvania
Runner-up “Curvature Sensing IRSp53 Is Critical For Migrational Persistence In Cells Crawling On Suspended Nanofibers” Apratim Mukherjee Pennsylvania State University
Runner-up “Mechanical Stimulation Mediates The Changes in Multiscale Tendon Mechanics Observed During Embryonic Development” Benjamin Peterson University of Delaware
Runner-up “Unilateral, Daily Bouts Of Muscle Loading Leads To Mineral And Extracellular Adaptation Of The Immature Achilles Enthesis In Mice” Elahe Ganji Washington University in St. Louis

Undergraduate Design Competition

Title Team Affiliation
1st “Ventilators for the Developing World” Laurie Trainer, Grace Bugara, Taylor Corpuz, Maeve Enright, John Fortescue, Vanessa Zighelboim Northeastern University
2nd “The MultiFlex Catheter – A Variable Stiffness Endovascular Catheter” Halle Lowe,Vinay Chandrasekaran, Chase Hartquist, Mohamed Zayed Washington University in St. Louis
3rd “Haptic Feedback to Aid the Visually Impaired” Jack Tereck, Carter Roper, Peyton Duersel, Brandon Jackson, Matthew Kamin, The University of Alabama